For sheer bargain savvy plus educational value, nothing beats the entry submitted by Bethany, who took her young son and his friends to the fire station. For the price of cake and drinks, these kiddos got a wildly memorable afternoon. (And moms got to watch hunky fireman getting dressed/undressed, a nice bonus.)

She wrote:

When my son was getting ready to turn 3 years old, he was very into fire trucks… I called the fire station that was closest to our neighborhood and asked for their assistance… They offered to let us tour the fire station and have his birthday party at the fire station/house as well. On the day of his birthday, all the kids arrived (boys and girls, ages 1-6) and the firemen took over. They started the tour and showed us every part of the fire station. They even showed us their living quarters, kitchen and recreation area.  (READ BETHANY’S FULL ENTRY, ALONG WITH OUR HONORABLE MENTIONS, ON THE DROP-A-DIME PAGE).